The Pulse on Pods

  • Those are so delish!!
  • I have to have these!!!!!!
  • Omg whattt? Need to try these beauts! 
  • These are so good! Just had the chipotle pods for lunch! It's hard not to eat the whole box at once
  • Was this the pod thing I was macking on at Expo?
  • The smokey chipotle pods will create an addiction! They are soooo good!
  • Hummus anything and I want it!! 
  • Omgeee!! Can anybody tell me I get this at whole foods??
  • Where can I get these?!
  • Please come to NY!
  • Come to Canada!!! 
  • Omg yes! Where do I buy them!
  • Maybe someday it'll be in Washington?
  • Have they hit grocery stores yet? I've been waiting since Expo for these! 
  • We need to try these!
  • I will be on the lookout for these!
  • I saw this being advertised at Kroger!
  • Are these available at Whole Foods? 
  • Woahhh what are those hummus pods??
  • These are little bites of heaven! Handheld appetizer bites filled with flavored hummus
  • These are sooo good over salads or popped in the oven for a warm snack
  • Wow I need to get my hands on those!! 
  • These were so good! Looove the zesty lemon on salads!
  • Yummy!!!


Meet the Hummus Pod

Published in: Hannaford Fresh Magazine

Finding a convenient, healthy snack that tastes great is no easy task. To address this snacking conundrum, a team of product developers, scientists, and chefs- backed by an innovation team aligned with Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island- came together to collaborate on a solution...   read more



Hummus Pods Expands National Distribution

Published in: Project Nosh

The Modern Pod Company announces that Hummus Pods® — a daring new hummus “snacketizer” — is now available in even more natural and conventional stores, coast to coast...   read more



The Modern Pod is Bringing Innovation to the Hummus Snack Category

Published in:

Hummus snacks became popularized as healthy source of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals...   read more



The Modern Pod Company Launches Hummus Pods Nationwide!

Published in: Project Nosh

PROVIDENCE, R.I.– The Modern Pod Company announces that Hummus Pods™, a daring new hummus “snacketizer” will now be available nationwide...   read more



The Modern Pod Company Launches Hummus Pods™ Nationwide!

Published in: The Business Journals

Hummus Pods™ are hummus a whole new way: hand-held, hands-down delicious natural snacketizers...   read more



Modern Pod Co. Introduces the Hummus Pod

Published in: Food Processing

The Modern Pod Co. recently debuted Hummus Pod, a savory line of hummus-filled hand-held snacks....   read more



Our team debuted Hummus Pods™ at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore and we're happy to report that the Pods were a hit! Expo East hosts over 30,000 industry attendees and 1450 exhibiting companies. We are thrilled to have been chosen by Project Nosh as a 2016 Staff Pick! 

"Like many American consumers, the team also gravitated towards portable foods that could be eaten on the go as a snack. The snackification of daytime eating shone in full force at Expo East, illuminated by items like portable hummus pods and fermented crudites. The trend shows no signs of stopping."  
-Carol Ortenberg, Editor Project NOSH