The Modern Pod Company

The Modern Pod Company

We're a team of culinary and design driven inventors dedicated to healthy plant-based pod goodness. We're based in Providence, Rhode Island — the littlest state with the biggest attitude. Great design, innovation, invention, and hands-on mojo.

The intersection of Culinary and Design in Providence, Rhode Island.

Our Story

The Modern Pod Company grew out of a quest to answer some of Life's Big Questions. Do snacks have to be so unhealthy? Is hummus forever trapped in a plastic tub? Can a healthy, zesty, one-handed snacketizer be invented- and find a loyal following? Can culinary chefs, nutritionists, food scientists, industrial designers, marketeers, and entrepreneurs actually collaborate? We embraced those questions, and Pods were born. With a commitment to these fundamental principles:

Real Food Ingredients
Plant Based, Legumes, Pulse Vegetables. Vegan, Vegetarian, Non-GMO
Hummus Pods made in the USA

Real Food

Pods are built from natural ingredients that you know and that your body loves - No bad stuff, only good stuff.

Plant Based

Plant based foods are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and flavor. Legumes and Pulse vegetables are heart-healthy, wholesome, and just plain better for you. Pods are vegan and our ingredients are non-GMO.

Made Here

We love local, small batch, stuff, and we hunt for top notch, local ingredients because they're better.