The Modern Pod Company

The Modern Pod Company

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We're a team of culinary and design driven inventors dedicated to healthy plant-based pod goodness. We're based in Providence, Rhode Island — the littlest state with the biggest attitude. Great design, innovation, invention, and hands-on mojo.

The Modern Pod Co. launched in 2017. Our mission is to revolutionize plant-based snacking, and place a Pod on every plate in America. Along the way, we’re committed to:

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Real Food

All good stuff, no bad stuff: no artificial ingredients, additives, colors; highest-quality ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, non-GMO, clean label; great nutrition profile

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Plant Based

Behold the power of the pulse and legume to delight and nourish! We love chickpeas and legumes of all sorts, and are excited to build Pods with them inside! Pods are vegan and our ingredients are non-GMO.

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Pods are killer apps, flavorful snacks, beer buddies, salad pals, and lunchbox heroes. We use design to inspire and delight.